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Uncover the playful side of Halloween with “Spooky Sweethearts,” a delightful 50-page coloring book that melds the charm of cartoon girls with the iconic symbol of pumpkins. This unique collection captures the essence of the spooky season, all while adding a dash of sweetness and whimsy. As you turn each page, you’ll be greeted by cheerful scenes of girls dressed in Halloween finery, each accompanied by pumpkins and, in some cases, their feline companions.

In “Spooky Sweethearts,” every illustration tells a story. From a girl carving a grinning jack-o’-lantern to a duo sharing spooky tales under a full moon, each scene is infused with the magic of All Hallows’ Eve. The inclusion of playful cats adds an extra layer of charm, creating a perfect blend of the eerie and the adorable. Whether perched on a pumpkin or entangled in the girls’ costumes, these cats are an integral part of the Halloween adventure.

As you bring these pages to life with your colors, you’ll appreciate the high-quality cardstock that makes every coloring experience a joy. Whether you prefer the individuality of loose pages, the convenience of a spiral-bound book, or the elegance of a perfect-bound volume, “Spooky Sweethearts” offers an option that fits your style.

Coloring in “Spooky Sweethearts” is more than just an activity; it’s an immersion into a world where Halloween never ends. The simple yet expressive lines of the drawings make them accessible for colorists of all ages and skill levels, inviting everyone to partake in the Halloween spirit.

Remember, each bewitching image in this book is intended for your personal, non-commercial use, allowing you to treasure and share your artwork in the spirit of the season.

So grab your favorite coloring tools and join the “Spooky Sweethearts” in celebrating the most enchanting time of the year. Let each color you choose add to the magic of the night, and may your Halloween be as bright and cheerful as the pages you color. Happy Coloring!

spooky sweethearts coloring book by happy colorist
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Yes! You are ordering a physical book here. Shipping costs will depend on what book type you selected as well as how you are from our shipping location in Surrey, BC, Canada

Yes! We do offer the images in this book as a digital download here.

No. These are licensed strictly for strictly personal use. They cannot be distributed for any commercial gain. Any people or businesses interested in re-selling officially can contact us or our publisher for wholesale rates. 

The items in question are licensed solely for personal use and are not to be resold. Furthermore, they are not to be distributed for any commercial gain. While these items may be acquired for team-building activities or for enhancing recreational areas within a business setting, they must not be resold or modified for resale.

Any people or businesses interested in re-selling officially can contact us or our publisher for wholesale rates. 

You can choose to purchase loose printed pages, a spiral bound book, or a book. Whatever you prefer! 

You can order this book in a high-quality cardstock or regular printer paper. Which you choose really depends on your personal preference. We wanted to give you options for quality depending on your needs. 

As per our Return Policy, you may return the book in it’s original, unopened packaging for a full refund within 30 days. 

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spooky sweethearts coloring book by happy colorist
Spooky Sweethearts Coloring Book
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