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Immerse yourself in the mystical world of “Unicorn Magic,” a 50-page coloring book that captures the majestic and ethereal essence of unicorns. Each page is a canvas for imagination, featuring a variety of unicorns in settings that span from celestial skies to enchanted forests. This collection is a tribute to the timeless allure of these mythical creatures, inviting you to explore a world where magic knows no bounds.

In “Unicorn Magic,” every illustration presents a unique unicorn, adorned with flowing manes and tails, intricate horn designs, and magical attributes. You’ll find unicorns prancing under starlit skies, serene in mystical groves, and frolicking in flower-laden fields. The scenes are designed to transport you into a realm of fantasy and wonder, making each coloring moment a magical escape.

This book is crafted to delight and inspire colorists of all ages. The drawings, with their clear and flowing lines, are accessible yet challenging, offering a satisfying experience for both novice and experienced colorists. The detail in each unicorn’s expression and surroundings invites a creative exploration of color and texture.

Printed on high-quality cardstock, “Unicorn Magic” ensures a fantastic coloring experience, supporting various mediums from pencils to markers. Whether you prefer loose pages, a spiral-bound book for ease of flipping, or a perfect-bound edition for a classic touch, your journey with these unicorns will be nothing short of magical.

Coloring in “Unicorn Magic” is an invitation to let your imagination soar. It’s a celebration of beauty, grace, and the mystical power of unicorns. While these enchanting images are intended for your personal, non-commercial use, they offer an endless scope for creativity and relaxation.

So, open the pages of “Unicorn Magic” and let each unicorn lead you on an extraordinary coloring adventure. Let your colors reflect the magic and mystery that these noble creatures embody. Happy Coloring!

unicorn magic coloring book by happy colorist
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Yes! You are ordering a physical book here. Shipping costs will depend on what book type you selected as well as how you are from our shipping location in Surrey, BC, Canada

Yes! We do offer the images in this book as a digital download here.

No. These are licensed strictly for strictly personal use. They cannot be distributed for any commercial gain. Any people or businesses interested in re-selling officially can contact us or our publisher for wholesale rates. 

The items in question are licensed solely for personal use and are not to be resold. Furthermore, they are not to be distributed for any commercial gain. While these items may be acquired for team-building activities or for enhancing recreational areas within a business setting, they must not be resold or modified for resale.

Any people or businesses interested in re-selling officially can contact us or our publisher for wholesale rates. 

You can choose to purchase loose printed pages, a spiral bound book, or a book. Whatever you prefer! 

You can order this book in a high-quality cardstock or regular printer paper. Which you choose really depends on your personal preference. We wanted to give you options for quality depending on your needs. 

As per our Return Policy, you may return the book in it’s original, unopened packaging for a full refund within 30 days. 

We have created NFTs for many of the art that inspired our coloring page creations. What we currently have for sale you can find on our OpenSea profile

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unicorn magic coloring book by happy colorist
Unicorn Magic Coloring Book
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